Party Packages

Our entertainers can party for as long as your children can............                                                                                     (Minimum party time must be no less than 1 hour)

What will your party include...
  • Party Dances    

  • Party Games

  • Balloon Modelling 

  • Magic Show

  • Bubbles 

  • Light Shows

  • Sing & Sign        

  • Parachute Games

  • Nursery Rhymes & Puppets

SEN Parties will include...
  • Personalised Social Story

  • Visual Schedules

  • Choice Boards

  • Adapted Games & Dances to cater to children's needs

Page Title

  • Soft Play

  • Bouncy Castle

  • Large & Small Sensory Tents

  • Multiple sensory toys

  • Weighted Blankets

  • Bubble Tubes

  • And More.......

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