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Aaron's SENsational Parties!

Aaron's SENsational Parties tailors each and everyone of his parties to the individual child to ensure that the Birthday Child has the most amazing time this will include:
-Party Dances
-Magic Show
-Party Games
-Balloon Modelling
-Light Show
-Parachute Games
-Sing & Sign (Makaton)

If you choose to have a theme for your child's Birthday Party just let us know and we can adapt the music, games, dances and costume to match your theme.

Here at Aaron's SENsational Parties we believe that every child has the right to an amazing party and we can ensure that happens. We can provide entertainment for any type of disability from children with Physical difficulties to children with ASD. We would organise a consultation with the Parent to gain a greater understanding of your child's needs, likes & dislikes. In addition we will also supply you with a Personalised Social Story to prepare your child for their upcoming celebration. Throughout the party we use various different visual aids such as Visual Schedules & Choice Boards to allow your child/ren to enjoy their party whilst helping alleviate all the anxieties and stress having a party can bring.



Aaron's SENsational Parties